Success in Online Learning: A Student Resource Kit

Success in Online Learning: A Student Resource Kit

Learn all of the skills necessary to master the medium of online learning ​in one flexible, asynchronous platform.

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Why is this important to students?


What you will learn:

Develop tools for staying engaged in online courses, create time management and study plans adapted to online learning logistics, and become more effective at notetaking, active reading, and studying for exams.

Who you will meet:

All undergraduate and transfer students are automatically enrolled and have access to this course by logging in to "Success in Online Learning: A Student Resource Kit" here. You can access a guided online resource containing a package of video presentations, self-reflection, and core activities to access at your leisure ​to improve your online learning strategies. Elly Vandegrift ( and Jennifer Rice ( are your guides through the material.

Time commitment:

This self-study, asynchronous resource is designed for you to explore evidence-based strategies that should improve your academic success in any course—online, hybrid, or in-person. These resources are perfect for students who are new to online learning or struggled in the past. The resources are available at no cost to you!