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Online Education

University of Oregon Online Education expands the university's educational mission beyond the campus, taking UO's exceptional classroom teaching from face-to-face delivery into the virtual world and strengthening the university's reputation as a leader in research and teaching.

What is Online Education?

Online Education classes are offered electronically and can be taken from anywhere internet access is available. With Online Education, you have the flexibility to fit courses to your schedule by completing coursework outside the traditional classroom.

What courses are offered online?

The University of Oregon offers online courses from a number of academic programs, including the new online masters program offered in Sports Product Management. No fully online undergraduate degree programs are offered at this time. Find out how to search the class schedule for the full list of online courses.

How do I register for online classes?

If you have been an active student in the past year, you are already eligible to register for Online Education Courses and can do so via DuckWeb.
If you are not an admitted University of Oregon student, you can register for up to 8 credits of UO courses, including Online Education courses, through the Community Education Program (CEP).