Grades and Testing

How are grades determined?

Instructors will describe their policies on evaluation and assignment of grades for each class in the class syllabus. For questions about specific course procedures, projects, and exams, contact the course instructor.

Grades are available online via DuckWeb. No individual term grade reports are mailed.

Are there tests?

Some courses focus on discussion or other participation for determining grades. Other courses require that you take in-person exams at a pre-arranged testing location. UO Online’s Exam Center administers proctored examinations to students living near campus and in most cases can also arrange remote proctoring for students living elsewhere.

How will grades appear on a transcript?

There is no difference on a UO transcript between online course credit and on-campus course credit.

You can print unofficial transcripts or order official transcripts from your DuckWeb account. For more information about transcripts, please contact the Office of the Registrar.