Course Schedule

When are online classes offered?

Online classes follow the regular UO term schedule and are subject to the same rules and deadlines. Courses are not self-paced. Many are open to non-admitted students through the Community Education Program (CEP).

To find online classes:

  1. Go to the UO Schedule of Classes to view the full list of online and in-person classes.
  2. On the class schedule page, select the term.
    Select the term
  3. Find (A) Location drop-down menu and, select (B) Asynchronous Online, and then either click (C) Show Classes or (D) Summary. If you’d like, select any of the other search options to narrow your search. The location field also allows you to search for Synchronous Online classes, which have a required meeting time.
    screenshot of search options for classes
  4. When you see a class that interests you and you want details, click the CRN to read a course description and learn about credits, grading options, tuition and fees, and more.
    Click the CRN