Exams & Proctoring

What is a proctored exam?

Some of your online courses will require you to take supervised exams. A proctor supervises you in-person while taking an exam to ensure academic integrity. Your instructor will indicate this requirement via the course catalog, syllabus, and through Canvas emails and announcements. For students residing in the Eugene-Springfield area, this is done by coming to the Knight Library at a prescheduled appointment to complete your course exam in our Exam Center. For students living elsewhere, a Remote Proctor needs to be identified by the student and a request submitted for approved by Exam Center staff in advance of the exam.

Student Responsibilities

  • Be familiar with the proctoring procedures
  • If in Eugene, schedule a time in advance to complete your exam on campus.
  • If located elsewhere, make arrangments to have your exam remotely proctored.
  • Be aware of and be prepared for use of a DUO code at the time of your exam.
  • Bring Photo ID to your exam.
  • Be aware of and follow academic integrity guidelines.
  • If unusual circumstances occur, please contact your instructor as soon as possible.

Students needing accommodations may contact the Accessible Education Center. For those who need individual arrangements for exams from other institutions, please contact the UO Testing Center.

Winter Courses: Actg 213, BA 215, BA 317, BA 318, BA 325, Ec 201, Ec 202, Ec 380, Erth 310, Erth 353, Fin 316, J 494, Mgmt 311, OBA 312, SBus 250

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