Off-Campus Proctoring

Setting up off-campus proctoring

If you are located outside of the Eugene-Springfield area, you will need to obtain a remote proctor at a local college, university, or public library to administer your course exam. Online proctoring services such as ProctorU, Proctorio, ProctorTrack, Examity are not accepted. K-12 proctors, relatives, and Zoom proctoring are also not accepted. It is recommended that this be completed by the end of Week 1 so that the course can be dropped without a withdrawl recorded in the event that a Remote Proctor cannot be found. All fees associated with the remote proctor are the responsibility of the student.

Students located in the Portland area may be able to take their exam at the UO White Stag building. See Portland proctoring below for more information.

If you have questions about locating a proctor or if a potential proctor meets requirements, contact the Online Exam Center staff.

If you set up off-campus proctoring, you can still complete your online course exams on campus and will just need to use the on-campus scheduling system.

How to Obtain a Remote Proctor

A remote proctor site is a secure location to take online exams in-person and is the students responsibility to locate. Some popular acceptable examples include local community college testing centers, continuing education sites, learning centers, and public library service desks. Searching the websites of academic institutions near you is an effective way to find proctoring services. The NCTA website also provides a long list of potential proctors, but is in no way a comprehensive list of options. A list of some locations that other UO students have previously used can be found on the Previously Used Remote Proctoring Site page.

1. Find and verify that the proctor will administer your exam.

You will need to contact the proctor directly and verify that they will administer your exam before submitting a request form with the Online Exam Center staff.

2. Before submitting a request form with the Online Exam Center staff, you must contact the proctor directly and verify that they will administer your exam during the timeframe that your instructor has identified for the exam.

3. Submit a request form with the Online Exam Center staff. Remote Proctor personal email addresses are not accepted.

The Online Exam Center staff will contact your proctor and verify the location. We will notify your instructor when your remote proctor request is approved. You will also receive a confirmation email when your proctor is approved. If you are using the same proctor throughout the term, only one request must be submitted. There is no need to submit a request for each exam.

Students who intend to take their exam at an institution outside of the U.S. will need to provide a URL to the institution's website in the "Additional Notes" section of the request form that includes the Remote Proctors name, position, and email address. Request that do not include a URL listing the email address will not be approved.

Submit remote proctor request


Remote Proctoring Policies

  • All fees associated with the remote proctor are the responsibility of the student.
  • Proctors cannot be related to the student in any way.
  • Online proctoring services are not accepted by the University of Oregon.
  • Proctors should be listed in institutions’ website directory.
  • Remote proctor requests that are submitted the same day of the exam will not be approved.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to locate a proctor, and this should be done by the end of Week 2.

Portland Campus

Summer Testing Hours: Mondays and Fridays at 10am and 1pm. Week 8 Thursday and Friday testing offered at 10am and 1pm on August 15th and 16th. Seats are on first come first served basis. Not all students will be able to take finals on August 16th.

Reservations should be made 20 hours in advance.

Fall 2024 - Portland Proctoring status is unknown as UO Portland staff transition from the White Stag location to the Ballmer Institute. 

If you are taking your exams in Portland, you may be able to take them at the UO’s Portland campus located at the White Stag Building, 70 North West Couch Street, Portland, OR. There is no charge for taking exams at this site.

To sign up for exams on the Portland campus, select the Portland location on the main scheduling form.

Taking proctored exams at the White Stag Building follows the same process as on-campus proctoring. The time slots at this location are very limited. If these do not fit your schedule, you will need to locate a local remote proctor.

When arriving, proceed to the UO Portland Library for check in. The computer classroom is located in room 374. You can get to the classroom by using the elevator by the library on the first floor. Exit the elevator on the third floor and the classroom is to the left.

If you need additional directions, please call 503-412-3696, contact the Portland Library staff at 503-412-3671, or contact the Online Exam Center staff in Eugene.