UO Online expands the University of Oregon’s educational mission beyond our physical campus. Online courses have emerged organically across the university’s academic programs as technology and student interests have moved toward digital learning environments. The Office of the Provost, in partnership with Information Services and UO schools and colleges, is currently creating an institutional-level infrastructure to support online courses and programs across the university and to identify future courses and programs.

UO Online Priorities

UO Online's priorities for supporting the University of Oregon are to provide improved quality and consistency for online courses and programs. Our specific priorities are:

Hire additional staff to support faculty members in developing online curricula and provide additional resources for students taking online courses.

Technology Infrastructure
Ensure faculty members and students have the tools and resources they need to facilitate courses and be successful in online courses.

Course Quality
Develop and implement an institutional-level plan for reviewing online courses and maintaining consistent standards and guidelines across online curricula.

Course Scheduling
Increase online course offerings in fall, winter, and spring terms to provide access for students who need the flexibility of online courses throughout the academic year.

Support Services
Enhance support services for both students and faculty members to support course quality, growth, and a flexible schedule for students taking online courses.

Connect with us

As UO Online efforts continue to move forward, we welcome input from UO faculty, staff, and students on how we can improve online courses, programs, and support services.

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