Online Master's in Psychology

  • Portrait of Phil Fisher
    The Online Master’s in Psychology provides access to state of the science information using the latest methods for online instruction. Our program emphasizes how research on brain development, program evaluation, and emotional well-being across the lifespan can be put to use in real-world settings.
    Phil Fisher, PhD
    Center for Translational Neuroscience Director and the Philip H. Knight Chair and Professor of Psychology
    Dr. Fisher’s research focuses on early childhood interventions in marginalized communities and on translating scientific knowledge regarding healthy development under conditions of adversity for use in social policy and programs.
  • Portrait of Maureen Zalewski
    I am excited to be teaching as part of the inaugural launch of this online master's program and to meet the first cohort of students.
    Maureen Zalewski, PhD
    Associate Professor of Psychology
    Dr. Zalewski is interested in risk factors that predict the development of emotion regulation in children. She examines the development of emotion regulation in children whose parents struggle with psychopathology.
  • Portrait of Elizabeth Skowron
    We’ve built this program to be accessible both for traditional students and adult-returning students employed in community behavioral health, medical or research settings. If you’re interested in learning more about how to design, build, and evaluate psychosocial interventions for children, teenagers, adults, and families, this program may be an excellent fit for you.
    Elizabeth Skowron, PhD
    Professor of Psychology
    Dr. Skowron’s research focuses on the contributions of neurobiology and environment to the development of self-regulation and school readiness in at-risk children. Her work also includes identifying effective interventions that support healthy parenting.